Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT), non-profit organization of trail users dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail.
Ouachita Challenge! March 24-25, 2018    This   unique   event   in   a   sixty   plus   mile   loop   provides   two days   of   mountain   bike   touring   and   racing   on   two   of   the area’s    best    trails.    The    Ouachita    Trail    is    known    for    its challenging   climbs,   vast   technical   sections,   and   scenic   views of   the   Ouachita   River.   The   Womble   Trail   (an   IMBA   Epic)   is known   for   its   fast   trails   and   scenic   views   of   the   Ouachita Mountains and valleys. 2018   was   the   third   year   in   which   a   committee   composed   of representatives    from    the    non-profit    groups    that    receive benefits     directed     the     Challenge.          The     committee,     the Ouachita   Mountain   Challenge   Association   (OMCA),   has   worked   to   improve   the   event   each   year   for   the participants and volunteers.  FoOT is a major player in the OMCA. The   tour   (Saturday)   and   race   (Sunday)   featured   250   riders   from   many   states   each   day.      As   usual,   the event   started   and   finished   at   the   Oden   School. For   the   past   several   years,   FoOT   has   staffed   road crossings and aid stations to make this event a success. The   event   provides   funding   to   the   Oden   School   and   to   other   local   non-profit   organizations.      The Challenge   is   the   premier   fund   raiser   for   FoOT   each   year.   FoOT   receives   a   considerable   amount   of funding   as   a   result   of   providing   volunteers   for   the   course   and   the   aid   stations.         These   funds   are   used to maintain and upgrade the Ouachita Trail and the Womble Trail.