Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT), non-profit organization of trail users dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail.
FoOT’s Fall Maintenance Event October 27th, 28th & 29th Friends   of   the   Ouachita   Trail’s   completion   of   the   Ouachita   Trail   shelter   system   last year,   marked   the   end   of   an   amazing   three   and   a   half   years   of   effort   to   add   this enhancement to the trail.  FoOT   is   planning   the   largest   trail   maintenance   event   ever   on   the   Ouachita   Trail, October   27 th ,   28 th ,   and   29 th .      FoOT   volunteers   will   carry   out   a   major   effort   on   the   west end   of   the   OT.      The   base   of   operations   will   be   the   Forest   Service   facility   at   the   Cedar Lake   Recreation   Area.      Cedar   Lake   is   located   12   miles   south   of   Heavener,   Oklahoma and   40   miles   west   of   Mena,   Arkansas.      Access   is   off   Holson   Valley   Road,   which   goes west off Highway 270. FoOT   will   be   using   the   equestrian   camping   area   and   its   pavilion.      All   provided   meals will   be   at   this   pavilion.      There   are   a   lot   of   spaces   for   dry   camping   and   tents.      Showers and   restrooms   are   available.      Adjacent   to   this   area   is   the   Sandy   Beach   Camping   loop, which    will    have    spaces    available    for    those    needing    electric    and    water    hookups.      These   sites   will   be   available   at   no   cost   to   the   volunteers.      Accommodations   will   be available Thursday through Sunday. Breakfast   will   be   provided   by   FoOT   on   Friday,   Saturday,   and   Sunday   mornings   at 7:30   a.m.      Dinner   on   Friday   and   Saturday   night   will   also   be   provided   at   5:30   p.m.     Drinks   and   eating   utensils   will   be   provided.      Volunteers   will   need   to   bring   their   own trail food for lunch.  Make   plans   to   be   involved   in   this   special   event.      Join   us   for   just   1   or   2   days   if   your schedule     does     not     work     for     the     entire     time.          For     planning     of     the     food, accommodations,   and   work   teams,   please   let   us   know   by   no   later   than   October   15th of your plans to attend and what accommodations you will need. There   are   motels   in   Heavener   and   cabins   available   at   Big   Cedar   if   you   would   rather go that route.  We   hope   to   work   on   several   miles   of   trail   but   we   want   the   time   to   be   full   of   fun   and a   chance   to   build   the   FoOT   team.      On   Saturday   night,   FoOT   will   have   its   brief   annual meeting after the evening meal. It   will   be   a   great   time   to   be   out   on   the   OT   with   the   fall   weather   and   the   fall   colors   at their peak.  Join with other volunteers for a special time in the Ouachita Mountains. Bo Lea FoOT President 501-622-8809 Bolea66@Gmail.com