Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT), non-profit organization of trail users dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail.
FoOT Partnership Announcement CLICK HERE for Mountain Valley Spring Water Press Release Friends   of   the   Ouachita   Trail   are   proud   and   excited   to   announce   a   partnership   with   Mountain Valley   Spring   Water   (MVSW)   to   promote   the   Ouachita   Region   and   assist   FoOT   with   its   mission to maintain and improve trails in the Ouachitas. Mountain   Valley   Spring   Water,   which   flows   from   the   heart   of   Ouachita   Mountains,   USA,   has been   bottled   at   the   source   since   1871.   Their   commitment   to   keeping   it   pure   has   never wavered.   The   spring   water,   fine   and   distinct   in   its   taste,   rises   naturally   to   the   surface   where   it is   bottled   –   untouched   –   to   this   day.      The   unique   blend   of   minerals   provides   a   clean,   crisp, refreshing   taste   revered   by   foodies   and   chefs   alike.   It   was   even   named   the   “Best-Tasting Water   in   the   World”   –   twice   –   at   Berkeley   Springs   International   Water   Tasting.   FoOT   is   glad   to associate   with   a   local   company   with   such   a   rich   history   and   excellent   product.      Mountain   Valley Spring   Water   has   a   strong   corporate   support   for   the   environment,   particular   the   Ouachita Mountains.      Since   the   discovery   of   their   spring   back   1871,   they   have   protected   the   land   and this   special   water   that   flows   beneath   it.      Their   dedicated   commitment   is   to   preserving   it,   to keep it flowing and ensuring access to this spring water with its clean pure goodness. We   will   be   looking   at   several   joint   efforts   but   some   already   identified   and   being   pursued include: *   Co-branding   merchandise   in   the   MVSW   visitor’s   center   in   downtown   Hot   Springs   with profits going to FoOT.  * MVSW employees will be adopting a section of the Ouachita Trail for maintenance. *   MVSW   will   also   be   a   corporate   sponsor   of   the   Ouachita   Challenge.      A   major   mountain biking event held each spring and is a major fund raiser for FoOT. It   was   stated   at   a   recent   FoOT   Board   meeting   that,   “we   could   not   find   a   better   fitting   partner than   Mountain   Valley   Spring   Water”.      FoOT   looks   forward   to   assisting   MVSW   with   its   effort   to promote   the   Ouachitas   and   to   let   people   know   of   how   they   are   giving   back   to   the   community as   they   work   to   protect   the   special   natural   resources   the   Ouachita   Mountain   region   provides while assisting FoOT with its effort to properly utilize these resources. CLICK HERE For more information on Mountain Valley Spring Water. CLICK HERE to view FoOT Tee Shirts now available at Mountain Valley Spring Water Visitor Center in Hot Springs! or CLICK HERE to order on-line.